Tokala warriors is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the Tokala Warriors, we are a Native American group on hardcore free roam that fights any group related to the government so we fight the US Army and any law enforcement groups for example the marshals. We own all of the lands within the American territory apart from any towns. We have several main bases but as we have many enemies on Red Dead I will not mention their locations here. We are a very structured group and we use teamwork and clever tactics to defeat our opponents, the tactics we use are effective and rarely, if ever, fail. The Chief is killerpenguin265 and the second in command is Rootless-Bwoy. Our allies are Ranchers life.

Joining the posse

To join you should contact either killerpenguin265, Rootless-Bwoy or Thenate1200 on the *PS3*. You will have to change your character to a native american one if you have not already done so. Once you have done this we will show many Native places on the game which nobody knows about and we will then see how well you work in a team to see if you are fit for the Tokala Warriors.


the peace chief:Thenate1200


  • killerpenguin265
  • Rootless-Bwoy

Other members

  • thenate1200
  • romsdabom
  • UncleSheep_-
  • xX-uk-luke-m-Xx
  • wilesfamily
  • LilAguie
  • YOUNGGUNSdel530
  • collinsnco
  • slapthespaker
  • iRedDead-xF34Rx
  • twoITALIANbeans etc.

External links

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