True x is a clan based for red dead redemption created by true x empyre as a symbol of loyalty compassion and commitment. though the clan is jus starting off as a low level they are already marking their territory in red dead as to being the strongest clan that was ever created just four days after the clan was created 4 members took on a 8 man posse with ease. the clan is strict yet fair though they do not put up with drama or childish games they have regular meetings every two days at their gang hideout Tall trees base. the following leaders are jojoling deathangel. the lieutants are big n proud, trusoljer, deerslayer. they have an alliance with sharp shooters and a seize fire with timberwolf and dark soldiers also lawbringers.

"the end may justify the means as long as there is something to justify the end"

"every generation needs a revolution"

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