is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

==About the posse==
We are the only remaining survivors in Tumbleweed. Our residence is the Ghost Tow itself. Sometimes we get arround the Town, cleaning the place from Outlaws and Ghosts. If we are not hanging out in Free Roam, then we will be playing Co-Op Missions (for those who have the DLC), or Undead Overrun. We also like to help people get trophies and achievements. Sometimes we go hunting too, and getting bounties in town ( Killing every Marshal in sight). As we like to say, Every single player that doesn't belong to the posse is an enemy', you will find that true if you don't understand that in every session we are playng, we RULE the session.

==Joining the posse==
To join the posse you just need to text message one of the leaders of the posse, via PSN or Wikia. Then, you might be added to our friends list, and be able to play with us. But remember, you can have any character you want but it is recommended you don't have the same one of another playe; the characters recommended not to use are Irish, and The Tudisco Kid, as seen in the pictures below.


* Leader 1 Gunman_for_real (Gguido_99)
* Leader 2 Pencil (Jbraz123)
===Other members===
* Member 1
* Member 2
* Member 3 etc.

==External links==

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