TxM is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

AbOuT uS.

We dont take shit. if we dont like you we walk up next to you and blow your head off easy as that. we love a good fight and hate ass holes that think they are cool and bad ass. we are in Red Dead Redemption and GTA4 we are not for looks we kick your ass and laugh so if your a crazy mother fucker and you want to spill some noob blood join ThE XbOx MaRaUdErS TxM.

JoInInG tHe PoSsE

To join hit one of us up on xbox or email us at or visit our website We are lookin for new members.



  • X4X GRiM X4X
  • x Cuban man o

Other members

  • IrishSniper130
  • unforgivable247
  • xXxForbiddenxXx
  • X4X SIN X4X

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