"Semper Fidelis"

U.S.M.C Cavalry is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The U.S.M.C Cavalry is the best group of honest warriors you have ever seen you will have to have a whole army just to defeat 4 of there bravest warriors they grow stronger every day red dead players are lucky they fight to protect innocent players who are just trying to have fun on red dead.

Joining the posse

Contact VonVonWalker for more information on joining our noble cause. (On Playstation3) (You must be outfitted with the American Army Outfit to join YOU CAN NOT BE Jan Booth.)


  • VonVonWalker


  • Vincyboy92
  • Johnmatrixguy
  • Saintraptor901
  • Redfordy
  • Zachattack5004
  • Gemsbuck22
  • The_Red_Harlow6
  • Konnsolo
  • Jeffstford42
  • Warlord150201
  • Gavinator911
  • Falout89110
  • Frank6991
  • Ligarsbomb
  • Dfecal
  • alnimator

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