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Outstanding! Glad to meet you soldier, hooah!

–U.S. Army 35th Cavalry

35th Cavalry Mexico Expedition

U.S. Army 35th Cavalry is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


  • The 35th Cavalry is the local platoon of the American Army, stationed in West Elizabeth and New Austin.
  • 1st Lieutenant Jan Booth commands the platoon.
  • The Cavalry is responsible for the internal and external security of the western american border states.
  • The platoon is outnumbered against the local mexican battalion in Nuevo Paraiso. However, the 35th Cavalry will attack well-directed, suddenly and fatal.

Operations / operational areas

Mexico Expedition :

  • Nuevo Paraiso

Internal elimination of criminals :

  • New Austin

Individual equipment :

Artillery :

Military bases in the U.S.

West Elizabeth

New Austin:

Military camps

West Elizabeth

New Austin

Joining the posse

  • Send a mamber a massage (Xbox 360)


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