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File:Wallpaper assassins creed 02 1600.jpg U.S. Assassins is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a bunch of assassins that take on any Mexicans who challenge us! The Clan was started by Rory 1201, DJ4023, and ATLdragon, but they all are asses and there are now only 3 faithful members left. We usually play on weekends. We usually go to random lobbies and if anyone starts bullying you, send me a message and our elite soldiers will take care of the problem (swiftly assassinate them).

Joining the posse

Contact DarkJkl2009 (me).


  • DarkJkl2009- 1st in command Expert Sniper.
  • bloodboy921- Soldier
  • RJS52298- Veteran Soldier


  • DarkJkl2009
  • RJS52298

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