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U.S. Special Forces is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the American Army Special Forces. We're a role-playing clan playing as the Americans during the Mexican-American War. For the most part, we chill in our camp (Cochinay), having 16 players clearing gang hideouts, and sometimes, we'll cross the border into Mexico and seize the towns of El Presidio and Escalera ( getting a bounty and fighting off the Mexican Law). We also do simple stuff, like patrol with fire bottles and sometimes just ride our horses thru the whole map. You'll definitely have fun in this posse. Weapons:Springfield Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, Double-Action Revolver, High Power Pistol, Carcano Rifle, Fire Bottles, Dynamite, Double-Barrel Shotgun, and skilled in fist fights.(Optional:Throwing Knifes, Repeater Carbine, Cattleman Revolver, Rolling Block, Punp-Action Shotgun max. 2 per 8 people in session, and Explosive Rifle max 1 per session.)


The rules are pretty simple, don't fire until fired upon (or threatened by animals), no random shooting, and no calling out other posse members. If you break any of these rules, you'll be kicked out of the clan, shot on sight, and reported for cheating. However, we will give you warnings (but hopefully you won't need them). Follow the rules, and nothing bad will happen.

Joining the posse

If you've heard the call of duty calling to you, then just message me on Xbox Live GT:Educa7edMonst3r. After the message is sent, you'll eventually get a game invite and you'll go thru training ( setting up "targets", running around the countryside, etc.) and if you pass, you'll recieve your weapon and find yourself a tent in Cochinay and you're in. Congrats!(American Army character needed.)



  • Educa7edMonst3r
  • TKOW28
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Other members

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