UFR - United Federation Rangers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

UFR Intel

We are the United Federation Rangers (PS3). We serve for our own country and protect the citizens of America. The most elite and organized planing is applied to our source of operation. If there is a group or citizen that is in need of aid and is approved for help we will be ready to take further action. Having a civil America is what we aim for.

  • Free Roam and Gang Battles (Normal and Hardcore) is our main ground of play. Further expansion will be applied in a later time.

Signing Instructions

We are the United Federation Rangers.


  • Must have a MIC for communication (Some may be excussed for good reason)
  • Show full respect to others that are in UFR and Allies
  • Must have decent skill with basic combat
  • At all times must wear any American Army outfit while serving for UFR
  • Follow all orders of your surperior Ranger Elite,Ranger Veteran, or UFR General
  • Must wear the Ranger title if you have reached Level 36 to apply that.

To be apart of the UFR, please contact the UFR General (PSN ID=Razor0217) Furtherer instructions will be addressed via PM's

UFR Oath Agreement

"There shall not be no man or women in the UFR left alone to fight or to die in battle" - "Every UFR Soldier will follow the Oath Agreement and stand proud with there head held high"

UFR Leaders

  • UFR General - Razor0217
  • Ranger Veteran -

UFR Rangers

  • Ranger 1 - slayer_rater
  • Ranger 2 - rom-mohc
  • Ranger 3 - WillyWaka269
  • Ranger 4 -
  • Ranger 5 - gohan9000
  • Ranger 6 - BIGXFG
  • Ranger 7 - TmanK71
  • Ranger 8 -
  • Ranger 9 -
  • Ranger 10 -

Ranking Levels

  • Level 1 - Ranger
  • Level 2 - Ranger Elite
  • Level 3 - Ranger Veteran

UFR Allies

  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty

Top Enemy Threats

  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty


* First Warning - Asked to haulster your weapon and stop committing unlawful actions. *

  • Second Warning - Given out a Warrant to that person or group. Must spend 1 full in game day in the Armadillo Jail.
  • Third Warning - Asked to Surrender and to leave America and enter Mexico for the remainder of the time being in the server as long as UFR is still present in the server.
  • We do whats right for the UFR!

Latest Intel News

None at the moment.

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