USMC United States Marine Corps is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Note: This clan is disavowed.. None of these members including the leader are still playing, It is understood that there may be another USMC Clan on Red Dead Redemption. However they made the clan after this one. They have title to the clan, only because this clan is no longer avaliable... Also, remember that USMC_Vulture, USMC_Crow, and USMC_Cardinal founded the name. Also know that, it is possible that USMC_Gator and USMC_Sabertooth may be leading it in the future. If needed information contact either USMC_Vulture, USMC_Gator, and/ or USMC_Sabertooth.


Current Leaders

  • USMC_Vulture

All members/ inactive

  • USMC_Condor
  • USMC_Hornet
  • USMC_Bigeye
  • USMC_Killjoy
  • USMC_Rattlesnake
  • USMC_Gator
  • USMC_Valor
  • USMC_Sabertooth
  • USMC_Huey
  • USMC_Grave
  • USMC_Polar
  • USMC_Jayhawk
  • USMC_Crow
  • USMC_Cardinal
  • USMC_Yukon
  • USMC_Vortex
  • USMC_Gladiator
  • USMC_Panther
  • USMC_Gunslinger
  • USMC_Frost
  • USMC_Cobalt
  • USMC_Sandman
  • USMC_Bullet
  • USMC_Mammoth
  • USMC_Caution
  • USMC_Coffin
  • USMC_Danger
  • USMC_Ozone
  • USMC_Risk
  • USMC_Inferno
  • USMC_Cowboy
  • USMC_Monsoon

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