US Army Cavalry is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Utilizes horses to engage the enemies of the United States, both at home and in other nations such as Mexico. We accept bounties,and try to maintain law and order, were the next step if the marshals cant do there job. We use U.S. Army ranks, Private to General to provide effective teamwork, Promotion from enlisted to officer takes work. You have to be able to think fast and shoot from the back of a horse.

Jobs we take include:


Elimination of Outlaws

Hunting, mostly eliminating of pests, cougars, wolfs, ex.

Engaging Mexican Army rebels

Engaging Mexican or Gang related Posses on sight

Others Based on Situation

Our Base of Operations is the train station building at Macfarlane Ranch, the on with the American flag

Promotions are given when a man has expresses distigished valor during combat, or is very useful.

Joining the posse

Contact US Army Cavalry on Xbox live. You will be given basic combat instruction.


1) Be riding at least a 2 star horse.

2) Be using an army outfit

3) Be a good shot with a rifle and pistol

4) Be able to take and carry out orders, only by higher ranking person.

5) Be able to hold out in a position against multiple opponents

6) Always have Double-Action revolver, its standard issue.

We engage Mexican posses and Mexican law enforcement on sight.



  • Colonel Will, AKA Redsox746

Other members

Put you name after the rank if you would like to join. If no spots avalible put PVT._____.

  • Capt
  • Capt
  • 1stLT
  • Srg

LAWMEN ALLIES (Bureau of Investigation)

None yet.

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