US Army Rangers

About the Clan:

A new clan created August 2, 2010 which is compromised of the most loyal and valuable players I can find in the catagories of Sniping,Horseback, and Foot. What we do?

-bounties located in america

-engaging outlaws

-engaging gangs in america on sight

-assiting anyone in need of assistance

-Assasinating most wanted(aka public enemies) How to Join:

-Be over LVL 11

-Be a good shot with a sniper(If not you'll have to train with JDawg 713 for sniper training)

-Be a very good Cavalry men (Fight on horseback) if not you'll train with me personally to fight on horse

-Be a VERY good soldier on foot (if not you'll train with MLG C00L hunting)

-You have to use a US Army Character

-be willing to follow orders

Who to message in XBOX LIVE:


-JDawg 713

Activities: Hunting, Races, Expeditions to unknown locations, Patrolling, Fighting Mexican Rebels Current Operation: -Getting Recruits

Current Base: Blackwater

Members: officers: Shugo560(Major and Leader) JDawg 713(Captain and 2nd Leader) ExplodingPilote(Captain) oSo iSurreal(Captain)

Soldiers: MLG C00l(Staff Seargent)

Alliances: Any US Army Clan


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