Un Jabalí is a Red Dead Redemption posse. 'Une Cab-er-lee'

About the posse

We are a small Posse based in The Wreck Of The Serendipity we have 3 members and at the moment wating for a request for a forth member.

Joining the posse

To join leave a message on my talk page or send a message on Xbox live (my gamertag is Coppyright 2010). BUT you must have a mic! When you are part of the posse you must be a Miscellaneous Criminal if you are not will send you a message and if you dont act we will kick you from the posse.

  • Home sweet home
  • i case you get lost on the way to the bathroom



  • Coppyright 2011

Other members

  • Coppyright 2011
  • MeritedCrab935
  • ...feel free to join...


  • Our base is The Wreck of Serendipity because of a glitch that happend on the 23-12-10 when we went under the bank in blackwater and the title came up at the top of the screen yet we were still under the bank then the screen froze and we had to turn the xbox of.
  • Everyone in the posse is a Miscellaneous Criminal.
  • Our other Base is the Blackwater Bank but rarely use it.
  • Un Jabalí is Spanish for 'A Boar' which is the Animal that we Hunt.

List of Glitches Found By Un Jabalí.

List of Glitch found Date of glitch
Devil's Mule 21-12-10
A knife in Undead Overun 21-12-10
Blackwater Skydive 23-12-10
Serendipity Under Bank 23-12-10

NOTE: More Glitches To Come.

Gallery of Glitches.

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