Undead Raiders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We roll together to the end, our homebase is Cochinay and we will defend it until they surrender or leave game we have rules of no team killing unless we say its ok and fine and also unless its training Message UndeadPhoenixFM to join in

Joining the posse

We only do hardcore free roam as of now (no high power pistols, no mauser pistols,semiauto pistols or,semi auto shotguns also we do not glitch or mod)


xXD3ADHUNTERXx Zz Hazerd zZ CrazyLazyJordan CircusTrickster BranoSKEE CaptainzCracka


  • UndeadPhoenixFM
  • acrackfart
  • XxTechnoPandaxX


Gorilla clan The Revolutionary Warriors Fort Mercer Regulators

Enemies The Black Hand Koar Mexican Army clan New California Republic Born Brothers SniperGrazier17

External links

no website at the moment

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