Undead Resistance is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a bunch of Zombie-killing-murderer's who like to shoot at other players (If angered or are snipers get bored, if this happens we will make them say sorry...or not) and mainly play Undead Overrun, Gang shootouts & hold you're own. We mainly consist of four ranks: Sniper, Heavy Weapons, Rifle squard & Support unit. Are base is Two Crows and the Big Empty.

Joining the posse

  • First join the crew on this page or Add or message me or my 2nd in command (Labyethan or Iceman200474) on PS3 online and we will hunt down zombies or player's alike unless the players are on good terms with us or if they shoot me, monkey or other member's they are a traitor and will be hunted down till death...or they leave
  • After you joined us you must send a message on what level you are so say (this ranks will stay on you as soon as you join)...
  • 1-10 Rookie
  • 11-20 Private
  • 21-30 Sergeant
  • 31-40 Lieutenant
  • 41-50 Commander

Leader's of this army

  • Labyethan (1st in charge & rifle man)
  • Iceman200474 (2nd in command & Heavy weapons leader)
  • SpecialistSBS (3rd in command & any weapons will do)

Soldier's (aka Member's)

  • Fate4Death (Sniper Unit)
  • Quinnyboy (Heavy Weapons unit)
  • Ur-mum-got-pwnd (Rifle unit)

Traitors or Attackers

  • Hopefully the Resistance is not going to be attacked, if so you will be marked down as a traitor or if a whole posse attack us you will be marked down as a Traitor all of you.
  • Outlaw-Eastwood (attacker & outdatted)

External links

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