About the posse

We are probably the best clan in RDR. We get called Modders all the time. People say they beat us when really we get into a session where they have a higher score and we have 0 and they take a pic and leave. MostWanted is gonna merge with us. Want to lose in a clan war just message me Union_Army-KrAZY

Joining the posse

U have to be really good. We usauly recruit older people who have more time to play this game. imm the youngest but im really good and they got me to join. Oh and we will 1v1 u, and if ur good ur in


--All Members-- UnionArmy-Maul UnionArmy-bigpit UnionArmy-lilpit Union_Army-Mygar UnionArmy-Nakama Union_Army-KrAZY Union_Army-LIGHT Union_Army-BLAST UnionArmy-Garret Union-Army_HangZ Union-ARMY_Alex Union-Army_LOKS Union_Army-GUNS UNION_ARY_D-LOC UNION_ARMY_SLAP Union_Army-HaTeR Union_Army-JUGG Union_Army-KUSH Union_Army-Agent Union_Army-NeRo Union_Army-slash UnionArmy-madog Union_Army-Babe Union_Army-808 Union_Army-LuLu Union_Army-Dizzy



Union_Army-HaTeR Union_Army-Mygar Union_Army-Babe UnionArmy-bigpit

Other members

Everybody i listed up top^ That isnt a leader

External links!/groups/UnionArmy.LEGEND/

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