United Mercenary Organization is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

U.M.O.(United Mercenary Organization) is a clan on Xbox for Red Dead Redemption. We are a military clan with multiple ranks and stature. We are official and do not accept people who are unresponible and can't behave in a well mannered way.

Joining the posse

To join U.M.O. you need to contact one of our three leaders.

  • Make sure that you qualify first

Qualifications: A computer with internet A microphone 1 Year of Xbox Live Gold A respectable Gamertag, nothing that relates to Drugs, or unethical names.



  • hacksavv
  • Montrose9258
  • SGT Nelson94

Other members

  • hellranger788
  • Not added
  • Not added
  • Not added
  • Not added
  • Not added
  • Not added

External links

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