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Velvet Redemption is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Velvet Redemption consists of only the best Grand Theft Auto IV/Red Dead Redemption shooters in the world. NO-ONE has beaten us (especially L7K9). Having said that, there was this one strange event in which we were ambushed by a posse of rogue penguins.

Remember kids, acid is a very potent drug.

Joining the posse

We accept no-one (Exceptions for really super-awesome people, message L7K9 on PSN to inquire). If you think your good enough to join, challange us (free cookie for every applicant).



  • L7K9
  • snickers-ftw

Other members

  • No-one else has measured up to the required skill to join this clan.

Hi erm bit of a question but if you were this skilled and no-1 is as skilled as you want them to be why the hell have you made a posse if no1 has ever joined apart from you 2 who are probably friends?

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