Vigilantes (VIE) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Vigilantes were created in late 2010. Other clans have come and gone, but VIE's remain strong, stable, and consistent. VIE (pronounced VY, not Vee Eye E), is our tag... it is a competetive term that means to strive for superiority. The Vigilantes emerged as a clan to compete with some of the other more popular clans, such as the Unborn Killaz, Widowmakers, RoyalLegends, 7deadly sins, and more recently Public Enemy. As a clan, our purpose is to mainly have a tight knit group of good players that want to get better, help each other accomplish tasks, such as leveling up, earning trophies, or getting golden weapons. As Vigilantes, we schedule practice events in all playing modes. We help our fellow clan members when they need it. We are not about merely recruiting the best shooters; we want people who will get along and be friends. Most of us are friends of friends, and we do not want friction within our gang, so we are selective and take our time with new recruits to make sure they get along. We only want people who want to stay with us long-term.

Do u what to be on the best clan on rdr? If you are interested in joining the strongest clan in RDR, posse up with VIEs who are online and get to know them. Talk to them on mic and let them know you want to join. We accept players polite and active in the game and we don't mind if you don't get 50 kills each game. What matters is that you are fun to play with, don't cheat and love the game. We are a community of friends who value friendship and loyalty above everything else.





Vie zip


  • VIE_CattleKate
  • VIE_HoodooBrown
  • VIE_KitCarson

Honarary Co-Founder

Jesse James


  • VLE_ShotgunBen
  • VIE_ChapoGuzman
  • VIE_SlaughterKid
  • VIE_HenryPlummer
  • VIE_TomCarson
  • VIE_KittyLeRoy
  • VIE_SoapySmith
  • VIE_Geronimo


  • VIE_TomHorn
  • VIE_BloodyBill
  • VIE_PearlHeart
  • VIE_TomPickett
  • VIE_FrankBJames
  • VIE_DellaRose
  • VIE_QueenBassett
  • VIE_MiltYarberry
  • VIE_DeaconJim
  • VIE_TexHall
  • VIE_LouisaMay
  • VIE_FrankDalton
  • VIE_EmmettDalton
  • VIE_TexCarter
  • VIE_BillDalton
  • VIE_MattieEap
  • VIE_TomGreen
  • VIE_JackHunt
  • VIE_HenryStarr
  • VIE_CreedTaylor
  • VIE_JohnTornow
  • VIE_SantosBarela
  • VIE_PearlDeVere
  • VIE_CharlieStorm
  • VIE_ZipWyatt
  • VIE_BuckStinson
  • VIE_JackHarris

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