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WSIS is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are mainly an Xbox Live posse but also have a PSN counterpart group, WSIS stands for two different things, Wild sabres interratial Society, or Wild Screaming Indians Society, whichever you prefer. We mostly play free roam and PvP with our members and you do not have to be good to get in you just have to be fun and respectful.

Joining the posse

To join on Xbox Live send Tandabros95 or Vengeful Asve a message, on Psn send jo-shee a message, to join our PvP teams you will have to pass a certain test that will be revealed to you when you apply. there are 3 ranks major commander, General and Premier, you will promoted on 2 basis, skill and loyalty to the WSIS.

  • TandAbros95
  • Irish Mushoe
  • Tmackenzie3644
  • HighwayToHell147
  • Vengful Asve
  • Poopypants559
  • Vnaan
  • jo-shee
  • seth59


Major Commander

  • TandAbros95


  • Vengeful Asve
  • Irish Mushoe


  • Tmackenzie3644
  • HighWayToHell147
  • Vnaan
  • Poopypants559
  • jo-shee (ps3)
  • seth59 (ps3)

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