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Ward One-Seventeen is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the clan

Ward One-Seventeen is a Xbox Live Clan that spans across all Xbox Live Multiplayer Enabled Games, The Clan's Majority is focused on Red Dead Redemption, The Clan has over 140 Members as of 6/1/11. The Clan was Established on the 1st of April 2011. The Clan has a Military Style Ranking System, the clan has a very secret and confidential information system. Only The Names of the Ranks Between Recruit and Sergeant are releaseable to the public. You have to be a Sergeant to Access any other Information about Ranks Including Name,Abbreviation,Duties and Requierments. The Clan uses a Squad & Division System, 8 People is a Squad and their are 12 Squads in a Division, theirfore their is 96 people in a Division.

Joining the posse

The Requierments to Join the Clan are that you

1. Have a Good Personality

2. Will Follow Orders

3. Have a Mic

If you fulfill these requierments the ways to ask for Recruitment are to

1. Message The Leader on Xbox Live- GT: Calibrez37

2. Message The Leader's Second In Command on Xbox Live- GT: Crawfordboi

3. Message the YouTube Page at

4. Email the Clan at


The Member List is Confidential, You Must Be a Certain Rank in the Clan to Gain LIMITED Access to It.


Leader- Calibrez37

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