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We Causing Panic is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

The Run-down of W.C.P Posse

We're a Xbox 360 posse that has been around for awhile. While our posse numbers only consist of a few; we are still a strong, loyal, respectable (at least we try to be) posse in Red Dead Redemption.

Our field of choice is usually normal free-roam, but we would like a few members to start doing gang matches in the near future.

Enemies: UFG, RDW, MOB, LB


Following the Rules and Joining the Posse

First, in order to join our posse you must be willing to follow all the rules of our clan, which means not joining any posses that we are currently in war with. Second, do not use glitches, flashed xbox 360 cheats, or lag switches. The only place that you would be allowed to use glitches, flashed xbox 360 cheats, or lag switches is in a private free-roam, but we still discourage it. Finally, there are the small things that come-to-mind like not helping fellow teammates and other rules we have listed on our private site.

If you like our ground send me a message, my Xbox Live Gamertag is WCP Varnage and i'll message that to our posse leader. Good luck out there in the big bad world of Red Dead Redemption.


WCP NATIVE GIRL. WCP tyler 305. WCPx L4T1NSH4K4x. WCP lil garth 2. WCP UNPRFESIONL. WCP SCL 1688. the boss997. CROWHORES. The Assasin 201. Rated R Brothers. o Corpse 805x. m4thaa. Issa Girls. Cain Velasquez. WCPxPxP4PYCHUL0x. WCPxYuSUCKING D. Brukena USSR. ARAUJOS killers. WxCxP MOHAWKBOY. xLEGITxKIDx and soon we might be setting up a ranking system.



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