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West Side Wonkerz is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a monstrous gang that likes to (A) become most wanted or (B) take down the current most wanted and take there place, also we like to hunt down any other posse that stands in our way whether in a match or in free roam. We take thing fare we dont betray our own and if any one does they will get a super omega punishment( may also leading to disbandment.

Joining the posse

Okay now after reading that you might want to know how to join our gang well not only do you have to be able to go lone wolf but also to cooperate with such other gang mate (no matter who they are) we dont want to hardcore player that go ape shit after losing a match or dieing we want people that put a effort playing the game who also likes to have fun. But you might think this for you but people who want to joining contact me (SundaeMachine) and xboxlive and from there you will have to go through a instantiation that will be told personally so contact me Now !!!!!!!!



  • SundaeMachine

Other members

  • Lama4
  • It could be you
  • It could be you
  • It could be you

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