Western Assassins is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This is an xbox 360, Xbox live only posse. We are bounty hunters, knife throwers, sniper shooters and all round assassins.We host multiple games usually all expert/hardcore targeting. So for those autolock lovers, this is not ur clan to join. And if ur short experience. Atleast one of us are usually online to help or host private match's.

(We shall be having a posse hidout soon chosen and posted on this page)

The leader has fully completed the red dead redemption singleplayer with the 100% acheivment. And has completed the majority of the free mode multiplayer challenges. So once joined if in need of help with challenges we can assist.

WARNING:'Western Assassins' are mostly based in australia and are not a big fan of the call of duty seiries or playstation3.

Joining the posse

if u beleive that u can hold ur own against other posse's, have a love for rifles,knifes and thrown weapons. JOIN UP! for infomation on joining add oOMEDICOo on xbox live.




  • oOMEDICOo ( Mr J.Swift )

Other members

ApPlEs TeH kAt


External links

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