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Western Brotherhood is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Brotherhood was created by a boutny hunter after his family had been killed in a shoot out with the Ugly gang. The WB then took on the jobs of being assassins, spies and raiders for the right price. The last of the original members are all gone, either dead or in hiding, only one survives to lead the posse: Bik3r Outlaw.

Joining the posse

To join the Posse, one must be higher than level 20. Have a skill in-game, for example, a master hunter or a skilled sniper. Contact Bik3rOutlaw.


Chapters of the Brotherhood are as follows, if there is a landgrab, and the winner who is above or at the same level of Warlord, they become the "Head" of the Chapter, or the area they have took control of. The Heads should be protected by loyal members. The Head of that chapter is also the equivilent of the Posse leader. There they are givin the choice to leave the posse and start another allied posse of the the Brotherhood. The Heads also have to take part at "Church", a meeting of the leaders of the different chapters and ally posse's leaders to discuss.

Ranks of the Brotherhood

Level 19-23 : Boot-Duster

&nbsp Level 24-26 : Hang Around

Level 27-29 : Initiated

Level 30-31 : Crow Shooter

Level 32-33 : Full Member

Level 34-35 : Outlaw

Level 36-37 : Sgt. at Arms

Level 38-40 : Warlord

Level 45-48 : Master of the Gun

Level 50 : U.S Outlaw

If there are any requests for ranks or new names for them please contact me.


When first part of the posse, the President will personally take you to a gang hideout, if you succeed in completing the hideout without dieing, you will be initiated. If not, you will still be able to be in the posse but to be invited to Church or take parts in rides, you will need to be a full member.

The usage of the High Powered Pistol/Mauser is only to be used if given permission from the President.

[As it takes away the realism]

To kill a member of the Brotherhood whilst in the Brotherhood, will mean the total supsention from the posse, and the multiple kill until you either apologise or leave the session.

To take heed in the ranks, if a higher level, say a Sgt at Arms asks a Crow Shooter for assistance, they WILL help unless of REAL LIFE problems at hand.

To respect other members and allied posses.

Any character an be used besides the Zombies.


  • President: Bik3rOutlaw
  • Vice President & Sgt of War: TOTALALY EVL

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