White Lotus Society is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

ॐAbout The Posseॐ

Born And Raised In The Dust And Dirt Starseeds Planted Now Bursting Fourth From The Earth. You, I, Them, Us, No Difference Brother. We Are Eternal Whether You Admit It Or Not. Those Who Feel It Know It. And We FEEL IT. In This Art Form You Do Not Want War. We

The Eternal Badge

Believe It Is Time For Peace We Stand Were The Ying And The Yang Merge, Where Everything Is Nothing. We Walk On Stars Like Stepping Stones. We Teach You So We Do Not Have To Beat You In Your Own Game. When Not Roaming The Vast Plains Of The Western Border States Or The South Of The Border, We All Meditate, Continue The Practice Of Formless Kung-Fu And Eat The Souls Of Ones Who Make The Foolish Mistake Of Doubting Our Ideals With Their Weak Ideals.

ॐJoining The Posseॐ

If You Would Like To Join Our Posse We Play On The Wonderful Playstation 3. You
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Be Like Water, Formless

Can Contact The Leader White Lotus On His PSN (SteelTorment). To Join You Will Face The Fact That You Never Left, You Always Were In The White Lotus Society.



  • SteelTorment (White Lotus)
  • SteelPreyer (Django)

ॐOther Membersॐ

  • BallzofSteeel754 (Afro Thunder)
  • XChainsawDemonX (ChainsawDemon)
  • x-PAiNGiVR-x (PAiN)
ॐExternal linksॐ

As Of Now, This Is The Only Website

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