Wild west role play01:59

Wild west role play.(read Descriotion)

Wild West Role Play

see are website-

Wild West Role Play is a group of people who what to get the best out of red dead redemption. We hope to get many of players to join this role play , we except low ranks, due to dosent mean how much of a good shot you have to be it just mean how creative. We except players over the age of 15 due to swearing and adult behavior. Founders and admins have put alot of hard work to make rule that people will stick to and that wont stop people of haveing fun. Role Play is a priver hardcore freeroam session that only Admins can invit people to the sessions only if you have permision to invit.

Wild west role play

Just to clear things up we are not a clan we are a group of people trying to get the best out of Red Dead Redemtion.


XxsilentDovexX - founder

Bullet2DaHead x - co-founder

Draco Eques


All we ask is for people to respect admins if an admin says your doing something against the rules, then you listen and dont shout back all admins will know about this, and will come over and see what happend. Us as admins are just the same as any other peopler in the role play, But with a little bit more power to tell people to stop goofing around and so on. So dont be scared to talk to us because we are not nasty people we are easly got along with, so any problems then send us a message.

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