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Wildboy is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Wildboy Posse Information

Wildboy is a new posse that does regular activities like raiding gang hideouts, shooting lawmen, hunting animals, roleplaying, Etc. Don't make the name fool you of thinking this is only a guy's posse. Girls can join too. Wildboy will allied other posses if they want. We will not tolerate traitors or enemies of the posse. You f**k up once. Your out for good. We have ranks for other Posse. allowing 20 members for our posse.

Joining the posse

In order to join you must

1.Have a PSN account (No 360 will be accepted)

2.Respect all members and don't fuck around with members


Optional-Have a headset (I be honest, I don't even have one) and have DLCs


Posse Master(Leader)-Empirewild


Wildboys/Wildgirls (Members)

Biggest Noob

Websites used for Wildboy

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