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Wyld stallyns

Wyld Stallyns is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This is a public posse to those with a PSN account. The posse goal is to log on with some great folks and mess around on Free Roam or Structured Matches

Joining the posse

To Join: Reach out to posse leaders via PSN friend request to XxKikkomanxX

Rules of The Posse

  • 1. No Killing any off our members ( 1. warning 2. warning 3. killed and kicked from posse in that game 4.Killed on Site and 3 day suspension from the posse 5. Permo Ban deletion from friends list and muted )


Bill, Ted, Station???


  • XxKikkomanxX
  • MusclesistheMan

Other members

They be dead.

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