XBL'S Wild Bunch is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A bunch of assholes AND WE ARE XBL. We are a loosely organized gang. we are violent and do not care about death.

Rule 1. pray on the week lvls.

Rule 2. Must be a good player in hardcore.

Rule 3. Kill the lawman.

Rule 4.don't piss me off.

Rule 5. wrap it before you tap it

Rule 6. We do red dead Rpg's

Joining the posse

We are XBL gamers to join you must be a (Asshole) or not.

And tell me if you want to join "xTHOR501x", And well all role players



  • Leader 1 xTHOR501x

Other members

  • Member 1 A SANINT LEGEND
  • Member 2 ONE SHOOT 7
  • Member 3 Heavysetcookie6
  • Member 4 dukid18
  • Member 5 Goatmanonhill His always wasted
  • Member 6 ALPHA LEADER 80
  • Member 7 Doom

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