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Xoo clan wiki is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Xoos are a very popular psn clan. We play games such as red dead redemption, call of duty black ops, saints row the third and many others. Xoo_jo created the clan and the first recruit was me, Xoo_bro. In time we recruited 3 other player and are looking for many more to recruit!

Joining the posse

We make it very simple, to join our clan for respect, honour and pride all you have to do is send a friend request to a leader(both is better) stating why you want to join our clan. If you are exepted into our clan, you have to make a new user account with a capital X, two small case os, a underscore like _, then any letter(s) of your choosing then a small case o, for example, Xoo_lo would work but xOo_kuP would not work!


  • Leader 1 Xoo_jo
  • Leader 2 Xoo_bro



  • Sergeant 1 Xoo_Pro



  • Private 1 Xoo_so
  • Private 2 Xoo_yh

febuary 27

27th febuary, after school we will be on black ops and red dead redemption for the day!

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