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Young Guns

Young Guns is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Gang

Based on real life posse The Lincoln County Regulators (from the movie Young Guns) was a deputized posse in Lincoln County, New Mexico during the Lincoln County War, consisting of a dozen or so members who wanted revenge for the killing of their boss, John Tunstall. The group was formed days after Tunstall’s death, in February 1878, and would last for only five months until Alex McSween died in a siege on June 19, 1878.

Joining the Gang

Send a Text Message to "RickZamorano" in Xbox LIVE, and test yourself.

Or send me a e-mail:

Visit our blog for closest information about us:

Young Gunners


  • RickZamorano
  • ferreirawpf


  • Patricio W F
  • Paulo Marduk
  • oscarivelsal
  • easyriderbr
  • cratoce
  • Maggiorini
  • bulgaristi
  • GuilherX
  • AnimalPCC
  • GutoXB
  • Tiao do Leite
  • Paulo Vale
  • Gian B F
  • Sandrolino 74BR
  • Murcelo 74BR
  • I Snake Power I
  • TrsilvaBR
  • enzo bortoleto
  • Batista ZiKa
  • bplay BR
  • lucasgaboni54
  • ApolloArkadiano

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