Sometimes it goes terribly wrong

sometimes it goes terribly wrong. (accidently of course!)

Zombie hunters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

our goal

Most of the time we travel accross the vast frontier together in search of the supposed "mythical creatures" of red dead. So far we have dissprooved the werewolf of red dead and the loch ness monster however we have discovered the ghost of tumbleweed and fought off a zombie apocalypse together (and died in the end.) Basically we are about the safety of other players in the red dead world, either side of the law, and sometimes we end up killing eachother because we are defending people who are fighting eachother. That ends in a big mess.

Joining the posse

No longer recruiting however check again later to see if there is an opening.



  • Hunterman646
  • BAR2100

Other members

  • RobyToe2500

External links

we do not have a website as of yet however if you want us to let me know and I will make one.

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