The term "posse" is used in a number of ways, formally and informally, in association with Red Dead Redemption. This is a disambiguation page to help wiki users distinguish between the various uses of the term.

  • Posse, multiplayer: A group of 2 - 8 players who choose to join forces during a multiplayer session.
  • Posses, single player: A group of NPC-controlled lawmen and/or bounty hunters who attempt to capture or kill the player when the player has a bounty.
  • Posse, informal (aka clan): A group of players organized informally outside of the game with the intent of participating in multiplayer sessions with a consistent group over time. A posse will often have particular game objectives, play styles, character models, or other traits that define its membership. In this wiki, posses are listed on the Posses Category Page.
  • Posse, incidental:
  • For some story missions, John Marston acts as a member of a posse to help capture criminals or clear gang hideouts.

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