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Red dead redemption posse chase
This page covers single player posses. For other usage, please see Posse (disambiguation).

In Red Dead Redemption, the term "posse" appears in a number of contexts. Posses form in the wilderness, with composition and size based on bounty amount. A posse is made up of three or more lawmen, and if the bounty is high enough they arrive with dogs. The player cannot hide from posses that have at least one dog alive; they always know where you are.


Posses may appear in one of the two circumstances

  1. If an eyewitness gets far enough away, a posse will form at the point where the report took place.
  2. If the player has a bounty over $150 and are in the wilderness, a posse may come after you. This will take place every 30-40 minutes in real time

Bounty level

Posses will have a number of members dependent on the players bounty level

Bounty Greater than.. Posse Amount

3 or 4 members; (3 if this is the first posse response)

$1700 6 members and 1 dog

8 members and 2 dogs

$5000 10 members and 3 dogs
$7000+ 12 members and 4 dogs

The player can escape them only by getting outside the law radius on the map, which is much larger than usual if dogs are part of the posse. The posse will accept surrender and take you to jail, or kill you if you resist. The player can lose the Wanted level either by staying hidden, bribing, or by killing all members of the posse. If the posse was formed from a witness report, and the player killed them all, the bounty will then be rolled back to the value it was before the posse started, since there is no one left alive to tell the tale.

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