John Marston riding a horse

Listed below are the storyline missions in Red Dead Redemption. The narrative of Red Dead Redemption spans three different territories and over 57 different missions which are separated in 4 chapters. Completing each unique mission tallies in the Missions Module of the Social Club interface and counts towards 100% completion. Keep in mind that clicking on any of these links could raise potential spoilers.

Single Player

For a view of the mission tree, see Missions in Redemption/Tree

New Austin Chapter

John Marston

Bonnie MacFarlane

Leigh Johnson

Nigel West Dickens

Seth Briars


Nuevo Paraiso Chapter

Vincente de Santa

Landon Ricketts

Luisa Fortuna

Abraham Reyes

West Elizabeth Chapter

Edgar Ross

Harold MacDougal

Marston Ranch Chapter

Abigail Marston


Jack Marston

Stranger Side-missions

Listed below are the 19 Stranger side-missions featured in Red Dead Redemption. The player must complete 18 of these missions, excluding "I Know You", to achieve 100% Completion. Keep in mind that clicking on any of these links could raise potential spoilers.

Outlaws to the End

This is a Multiplayer DLC. Clicking any of these could raise potential spoilers.

Undead Nightmare

This is a new DLC campaign and clicking any of these could raise spoilers.

Survivor Side-missions



  • In Undead Nightmare, completing a Survivor Side-Mission will get the player the Achievement Strange Things are Afoot.
  • Bonnie McFarlane is the only story character in the game for whom the player is given over five missions, with a total of seven to complete.

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