This page describes one of Red Dead Wiki's policies and guidelines
All users are expected to follow policy, except where it would damage the wiki. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

While any user on Red Dead Wiki can edit articles, upload images and more, certain users on Red Dead Wiki have access to additional functions to keep this wiki running smoothly. These users are called "administrators" or "staff."

However, all editors are equal, and administrators should not be considered as being "in charge." Administrators can help resolve discussions, but they are there to uphold good behaviour, not to to tell other users what to do.

Administrators on Red Dead Wiki are split into four types:

  • Marshals - The lead-Administrators (Bureaucrats), responsible for promotions to Sheriff. Can make final decisions in a dispute.
  • Sheriffs - Administrators. Additional tools such as deleting pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IPs, editing the wiki's interface and skin. Can help out in disputes.
  • Deputies - Users responsible for looking out for vandalism and reverting it using the rollback tool. Also report "crimes" to Sheriffs and Marshals.
  • Wikia Staff/Helpers - Official Wikia staff who have Administrator access on every wiki, but are only here to help and have no authority over the Red Dead Wiki community. However, Wikia Staff may enforce Wikia's Terms of Use.

Current Staff

List of all users with Administrative access: Special:Listusers/sysop


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Other Staff


Wikia Staff & Helpers

Becoming an administrator

Any user can nominate themselves to become an admin. See Red Dead Wiki:Requests For Adminship for more information. Anyone can comment on the nomination, but the final decision is made by a Bureaucrat.