Spawny Award Badge

The Spawny Award is an award given to a user each year on December 31. The user must embody the spirit of the wiki, and do things to improve and help the wiki. This award honors Gunslinger Spawny0908, who embodied the spirit of the wiki more than anyone else.

The Spawny Award Recipient of 2017

JackiBackiBoy joined the wiki on October 11, 2017. His first edit was to the Tall Trees page. As of December 31, 2017 he has made 1,087 edits. He made a large amount of edits quickly, and cleaned up the wiki's articles and templates. This would result in a promotion to Sheriff very quickly, occurring on October 13, 2017. He eventually reached a daily edit count of over 600 on November 11, 2017. His knowledge of aspects of editing and technology allowed him to get a music bot for the wiki's Discord server. All of this, combined with his constant nearly flawless editing has given him the honor of being our first recipient of The Spawny Award.