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Last edited on June 3, 2013
by 2ks4

Welcome to Red Dead Wiki,
The wiki for the Red Dead series that anyone/anybody can edit.

We are creating the largest and most informative guide to Rockstar Games's Red Dead Revolver
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Armadillo is a settlement that features prominently in the opening act of Red Dead Redemption. The player first takes control of John Marston when he arrives in Armadillo after the opening cinematic. The town has a full set of amenities including a train station, general store, saloon, and safehouse. Games of poker and five finger fillet are available for wagering. In multiplayer, a variety of game modes are available in Armadillo, including Shootouts, Bag Games, Land Grab, and Stronghold.

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Wiki member Spawny0908 conducted interviews with three of the principal voice actors for Red Dead Redemption - check them out in the slider below. Unfortunately, Spawny passed away in 2012. Tributes to her can be found in this blog post.

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This month's poll is about locations in the Red Dead series. If you could live within the game worlds of Redemption or Revolver, what would be your choice of location?

Where would you live in Red Dead?

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