Red Dragon Alliance (RDA) was originally founded on June 2011 on Xbox 360. RDA consisted of three different military clans merging to form one large military which at its peak was 40+ members strong.

RDA laid claim to territories such as Great plains and Tall Trees using Cochinay as their main strong hold, also capturing territories in Henningans stead and as far west as Armadillo. One of RDAs most notorious battles came from the siege of Armadillo which was fought between RDA and GB which lasted approximately 12 hours resulting in GB being pushed out of Armadillo. RDA and GB fought for several months after this.

Red Dragon Alliance carried on patrolling its territories and fighting in small skirmishes until its disbandment in September 2013.

Red Dragon Alliance Ranking structure: -General -Colonel -First Lieutenant -Lieutenant -Sergeant -Corporal -Private -Advanced Recruit -Recruit

RDA is to be expected to be re-commissioned upon the release of a new Red Dead game.

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