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Chief Running Moon and his elders talk to Shadow Wolf.

The Red Wolf Tribe is a tribe of Native Americans in Red Dead Revolver.


The Red Wolf tribe is a band of Native Americans residing near Bear Mountain. They have had a long lasting feud with the Black Elk tribe, which intensified after the Black Elks sold themselves out to General Javier Diego and defiled the Red Wolf's sacred burial grounds at Bear Mountain.

During the events of Red Dead Revolver, the tribe is headed by Chief Running Moon. His daughter, Falling Star, fell in love with prospector by the name of Nate Harlow. Their relationship was shunned by the tribe, and Falling Star moved with Nate to their own homestead, where they had a son, Red Harlow.

However, Colonel Daren whom was sent by General Diego, assaults the Harlow homestead, killing Falling Star and Nate; Red survives by hiding, killing numerous bandits and shooting Daren's arm off in the process. Upon hearing of the attack, Chief Running Moon sends Shadow Wolf, Red's cousin, to help him.

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