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Hold it right there, outlaw!
This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.

Forgive me for startling you, sir. I have a message for you. My name is Jack Marston; you knew my father.

Jack Marston

Remember My Family is a Stranger side-mission, the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption and the only mission which can only be done with Jack Marston as the protagonist. It is classed as a Stranger side-mission due to the "?" shown on the map, but technically acts as the final mission of the main storyline.


Mission Prerequisites

Before this Stranger will appear on the world map, the player must complete:

Mission Objectives

After speaking with Howard Sawicki, the player must:

Mission Details

The mission will start when the player talks to Agent Howard Sawicki in Blackwater, indicated by the "?" on the map — the train station on the west side of town. The agent will point the player to the south of Lake Don Julio, and the newspaper includes a story about how Edgar is now living near the lake. When the player arrives, only Ross's wife is present, and she says that Edgar went with his brother on a duck-hunting trip down in Mexico.

In Mexico, close to the river, the player will find Edgar's brother, Phillip Ross, at a campsite. He points the player down along the riverbank towards Ross. Down the riverbank, the player will encounter Edgar Ross, who, after a short chat, will challenge Jack to a duel. If the player wins, Edgar stumbles backwards and falls to the ground, dead. Jack looks down at the gun he just killed Ross with. Without knowing it, he has just thrown himself into a life of violence his father died to protect him from, but at the same time has redeemed his father's honor by killing his killer. He walks away, the camera zooms on his face, and the screen is tinted red & black with the title Red Dead Redemption, and then the credits roll, suggesting that although this is a "Stranger Mission," it is the real end of the story.

If the player wants to get complete and total revenge you can kill all of his family members, his brother and his wife. Doing so will result in negative honor (unless if you have the bandana on), but killing Ross will restore the honor lost. After the credits finish, walk over to where Ross's body is and loot it (he should have around 400 dollars on him) for money and luck increases.

Mission Dialogues

Main article: Remember My Family/dialogues


  • Edgar Ross - Killed by Jack Marston in a Duel to avenge his father's death. His body can be looted afterwards to obtain $400 (that is, if his body didn't land into the river right after successfully winning the duel and killing him.)

Optional Casulties

Note: If you want complete revenge on the Ross family, you have the option to kill Edgar's wife and brother after talking to them upon learning the whereabouts of him. However, you will lose honor if you kill them unless you have the bandana. However, the honor will be restored upon killing Edgar Ross.

Duel Details

For this duel, targeting Edgar in a lethal manner is required. If the player attempts to target the gun or arm of the target (normally a disabling shot), the duel will be lost (the bar will simply not fill when targeting his hands; this happens in other important duels also). This will result in the player's death and then the player must retry the duel until a fatal shot is achieved.

Attempting to snipe Edgar prior to the duel will result in an automatic mission failure; simply looking at him through the scope will trigger this, even before you try to pull the trigger. The same goes for Edgar's wife and brother in the earlier step.


  • This is the only side-mission which John Marston cannot perform.
  • If you kill him or tie him up, and fail the mission, the credits will not start. You must kill Edgar Ross in a duel.
  • The cabin that the Ross family lives in is the same cabin Irish originally sends John to find a gatling gun in "A Frenchman, a Welshman and an Irishman". Philip Ross' campsite is in the same location at Rio del Toro where Tubman's Gold is buried in Treasure Hunter Challenge Rank 5.
  • If you go to a campfire with people there, they sometimes talk about Edgar being killed by robbers.
  • Failing the duel and restarting it results in Ross using a different shotgun to hunt each time, either the Double-barreled Shotgun, Semi-auto Shotgun, or the Pump-action Shotgun.
    • The player can use this mission to acquire the Semi-auto Shotgun for free; simply fail the duel until Ross has the Semi-auto Shotgun equipped, then kill him and loot the gun.
  • This and I Know You are the only stranger side-missions that take place in all three areas. It starts in West Elizabeth, you find Ross's wife in New Austin and you find Ross's brother and Edgar Ross himself in Nuevo Paraiso.
  • While confronting Ross, Jack mentions that he saw him kill John, despite only hearing gunshots from a distance and riding back to the barn only to find a corpse. He probably said that to scare Ross or his feelings forced him to.
  • Listening to Ross's comments before the duel, he can be heard cursing when he misses the shots.
  • Based on accounts from his wife and his constant cursing during his duck hunt, Edgar Ross appears rather unhappy with his retirement. He is being badgered by the very organization he worked with, he can't seem to shoot well anymore, and he lives in a tiny cabin despite his emphasis on modernism.
  • If the player uses a high powered weapon in the duel, Ross may be sent flying back into the river, causing his body to become impossible to loot unless the player pushes it out of the water by slowly walking into it.
  • Ross' body cannot be destroyed by the Explosive Rifle until after it is looted.


  • Sometimes when you are dueling Ross he will be facing toward the pond shooting ducks, but can still be killed and he will not fire back.
  • Sometimes, a glitch will occur in which a second shotgun can be seen floating beside Phillip Ross.


Video Walkthrough

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