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Reyes' Rebels is a faction in Red Dead Redemption that is located in Nuevo Paraiso, controlled by Abraham Reyes.


Reyes' Rebels are Abraham Reyes personal revolutionist army who consists mostly of recruited civilians, predominantly farmers. Most of the rebels wear Ponchos and Bandoliers, with the women wearing black or white robes.

Reyes' Rebels stay around their guerrilla base in Agave Viejo, that's until Abraham Reyes and John Marston overthrow Colonel Allende's oppressive reign and free Nuevo Paraiso. Reyes' Rebels then come out of hiding and uphold the new leadership of Mexico as Reyes' personal enforcers.

Right after Nuevo Paraiso is seized by Reyes, the Mexican soldiers under Allende's command disband and flee the city of Escalera. The rebels insert themselves as the new lawmakers in town. Their rules are the same as before. If Marston commits a crime, he'll gain a bounty with the only difference being the rebels will come after him instead of the Mexican Army, with the exception of the gang hideout at Nosalida, where you still fight with the Mexican Army against the rebels.

Known rebelsEdit