Gold bullion given to Brigadier General Sherman M. Rhodes.

–In-game description

Rhodes' Gold is an item found in Red Dead Redemption.


There are no uses for the gold bullion, other than to sell it. Manzanita Post in Tall Trees will buy it for $150.

Note: prices listed on this page are based upon the player having neutral honor and playing the game on Normal difficulty. If the player has high honor, the selling price will be Increased by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. Low Honor decreases selling price by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. While playing the game on Hardcore difficulty, money is more scarce and the base, neutral honor price of each item will be slightly lower.

Gold Bars can be sold at Blackwater Doctor's Office or MacFarlane's Ranch General Store for full price. Get the Lucky Rabbits Foot before hand and Sell the bars for $150. The bullion can be sold at any General Store.


Treasure found near the Hanging Rock. It is located between two large rocks, under a pile of rubble. Reward found with the first treasure map.


  • Like each of the treasure titles, this is also likely a reference to the Civil War. The name Brigadier-General Sherman M. Rhodes probably refers to Union General William Tecumseh Sherman of the Army of the Tennessee and Confederate Brigadier-General Robert E. Rhodes, who commanded a Division under Jackson during the Battle of Chancellorsville.
  • Campfire tale claims that the last of a gang of bandits hid their treasure in hanging rock before they were killed.

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