Río del Lobo (or Wolf's River) is a location featured in Red Dead Redemption in the Cholla Springs region of the New Austin territory.


Rio del Lobo is a canyon that leads down to the San Louis River. It is a convenient shortcut for the player if they are travelling by horse from Armadillo to Chuparosa, as Marston won't have to go all the way around Plainview because of the cliff nearby.


In the Liars and Cheats DLC, Rio del Lobo is one of the four hunting locations available in the Free Roam Multiplayer mode. Here you can hunt for wolves, which will come at you in waves. After all waves have finished, the legendary animal Keifer the Wolf will appear.

A lot of foxes, coyotes, rabbits, birds, and deer appear in this area, alongside the occasional skunk and jackalope.


Rio del Lobo is home to the 2nd treasure, found throughout the game. From the picture to the right, up the slope on the cliffside and on a ledge near the campsite at the top, (Del Lobo Rock). The gold found is Jackson's, and can be sold for $125 or $188 with high honor. The gold bars can be sold at Armadillo general store, and MacFarlane's Ranch general store.


  • Bounties hide out here and the player will be tasked with hunting them down and bringing them in alive or killing them.


  • This is an excellent location to find wolves, deer, and foxes.
  • According to Baxter Deaton, the Armadillo bank teller, Marshal Leigh Johnson is accused of burying stolen goods at this location. Coincidentally, the second treasure is located here.
  • Standing on the highest part of Rio Del Lobo, if you face east and use the Rolling Block Rifle, you will be able to see Manteca Falls.
  • In Undead Nightmare, Lloyd Duffy was intended to be located here as a Missing Person . But this was scrapped before the game's release.[citation needed]
  • Lewis Shelton can be heard saying that he found coins in the grass at Rio del Lobo.
  • There is an old, abandoned house here. Inside this house is a chest containing $15-$25.


The discovery of locations in Red Dead Redemption count towards the following Trophies/Achievements:

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.
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