Private Ripper Hernandez
Pvt. jose
Gender Male
Affiliations Javier Diego

Colonel Daren

Location Transitory
Weapon Revolver, Repeater, Shotgun
Status Deceased

Private Ripper Hernandez is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


Private Hernandez was a soldier serving in General Javier Diego's Renegade Army. He is said to have been a very sadistic individual, who enjoyed using his razor tipped army boots to kick enemies.


Private Hernandez is encountered during several missions. His first appearance is on Bear Mountain, where he and other soldiers are patrolling the entrance to the mine. His next seen in the mine itself, where he and the rest of the guards attempt to stop Red Harlow from escaping. He appears again during the battle at Fort Diego, and a final time on board his General's armored train, where is killed by Red.



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