John Marston robbing a woman

Robbery was a common occurrence in the Wild West, and many outlaws were driven to criminality because of the lure of profit in the act.

Robbing Individuals

The player can aim a weapon at an NPC and demand money. Doing so will result in a loss of Honor, unless wearing the Bandana. Simply lock onto the victim and press either "Triangle" or "Y" to attempt to rob them. Aiming at the victim for too long causes them to start running. When attempting to rob certain NPCs, the player may be fired upon by the NPC they're robbing, and/or by other NPCs nearby, who may try to aid the person being robbed. If the player robs someone where there are no eyewitnesses or Law Enforcement, then the player will not incur a bounty. If the player's Honor is high or low enough, witnesses won't report this act.


  • While wearing the Bureau Uniform the player is unable to rob any NPCs.
  • Aiming at an NPC with the Lasso will trigger the prompt.
  • Killing your victim will result in gaining Fame, and losing Honor.

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