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Hello, Mr. Marston, I'm Rosalee. I'll fuck you for money.

Rosalee Glover

Rosalee Glover is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Rosalee's background.


Rosalee can most often be found in Armadillo, where she works as a prostitute at the saloon. However, she can also be found working her trade or engaging in a game of blackjack in Blackwater and Thieves' Landing.


I'd hate to see a man walk around with such a dry pecker,can I help?.
— 'Rosalee Glover'
Hey mister, is there anything of yours you’d like to stick into something of mine?
— 'Rosalee Glover'
You can believe it or not, but I actually look better naked.
— 'Rosalee Glover'
I've got nails,you've got eyes,look out!
Rosalee Glover when attacked


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