Damn! You must be practicin'!

Rufus Byrd after Marston throws a good horseshoe

Rufus Byrd is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Rufus's background. He has a relative, Josephine Byrd, buried at the Coot's Chapel cemetery.


Rufus can be found around MacFarlane's Ranch, normally playing Horseshoes. Rufus also works for the Foreman's Office, sending Marston on Nightwatch with Charlie the dog. Sometimes, with low honor, Rufus will challenge Marston to a duel, claiming that Marston killed his father. Rufus is also seen riding with a horse through Blackwater and other various locations through West Elizabeth. Byrd can be seen in Thieves' Landing brothel or around the saloon.


I can't believe my lyin' eyes, it's John Marston!
Rufus Byrd when greeted with high Fame
John Marston? I'm Rufus Byrd.
Rufus Byrd when greeted with high fame
I ain't got no luck at all!
Rufus Byrd, when assaulted
Stop this nonsense!
Rufus Byrd, when threatened
You killed my daddy, now I'm fixin' to kill you.
Rufus Byrd challenging Marston to a duel
I'm just a worker at MacFarlane's Ranch what the matter with you?
Rufus Byrd, when threatened
Stop the jawing I got work to do.
Rufus Byrd, ending a conversation


  • Rufus appears to share the same character head with Solomon Flake.
  • Rufus will never become hostile unless in a duel. If a gun is drawn on him, he will flee the area.
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