I saw a man cut his own pecker off playin' a variation of this here amusement.

Saul Bundy, while playing Five Finger Fillet

Saul Bundy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Saul works as the local Blacksmith in Armadillo. He has a relative, Dwight Bundy, buried at Coot's Chapel.


He can most often be found at Armadillo's Livery or playing Five Finger Fillet by Armadillo's Train Station.


I heard Drew MacFarlane half chopped off a finger and kept right on playin'!
Saul Bundy
Please don't try this at home; I'm a trained professional.
Saul Bundy, while playing Fiver Finger Fillet
Come here!
Saul Bundy in fistfight


  • Despite being the blacksmith of Armadillo, the building is owned by Ira Shelling (possibly a misspelling of Ira Shelton).
  • He shares a character head with Dieter Frommel.


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